Monday, January 30, 2012

Healthy Living: Kids

This is how hardcore healthy we are!  :)

My husband is a certified personal trainer and I work for Arbonne, which has a Health and Fitness line that I encourage my clients to use.  Suffice that to say we value healthy living around here.  After becoming a mom, I tried to read some of those books about super baby food, etc. and I always just felt overwhelmed and sort of like a loser.  The truth is, I want my kids to be healthy and to develop healthy habits, but I'm just not going to be as hardcore as some.  I respect and admire those parents who can make all their own baby food, never give their kids sugar, and use a lot of wheat germ and tofu.  It's just not realistically going to happen for me.  So I've realized I don't have to be Supermom in the food category, but I can still do some things to make sure my kids are eating healthy.

So I thought I'd share a few simple things we do.  I would love to hear your ideas, too!

Oatmeal:  This is healthy stuff, my friends!  Of course, on a good morning I can make it from scratch, but how often does that happen, right?  I mostly use the instant packets and I used to buy the flavored ones, though I'd opt for the "Lower Sugar" varieties.  That's okay to do, but I recently stepped it up a little and started buying the "Regular" flavor oatmeal.  For the kids I add a little honey or agave (natural sweeteners) and sometimes I'll stir in some applesauce, too.  So much less sugar than buying the flavored varieties!

Juice:  I let my kids have juice because they love it and it does come from fruit after all.  I always dilute it, though.  I used to do half water, half juice, but recently switched to 2/3 juice, 1/3 water.  This cuts down on the amount of sugar they're getting and keeps them from getting used to super sweet beverages.

Hummus:  Alright, I have one extremely picky eater and one pretty picky eater, but both my 2-year-olds love hummus!  I buy it at Costco because it's so much cheaper and they love to eat multigrain crackers dipped in a big blob of hummus.  Hummus is a great source of protein and healthy fats.  For kids who don't like much meat, like mine, it's a great protein boost.

That's all for now.  I hope you can get a little use out of these and please share some healthy living, kids style tips with us!

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