Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Resolution

2012.  I have one resolution this year.  Last year I had one resolution and guess what?  I kept it.  So I figure that's the key; that's the way to go.  One.  My one resolution is to get more involved in our church.

Since becoming a mom, my relationship with church has been sort of nil, I guess.  Both of our boys come from situations which caused us to avoid childcare situations for a while after they each came home (more-so with E).  Yet both boys were old enough to make a lot of noise and not sit still from the time we got them, so bringing them INTO church has never really been an option.

As a pastor's wife, this has been pretty weird because I kind of don't go to church!

But this year the boys are at a place where we feel okay with putting them in childcare once a week.  E is going through separation anxiety (he's a little delayed with that, I think) so whether he'll stay in childcare may be another matter.  I figure I'll sort of ease them into it by staying with them in the church nursery for a couple Sundays and we'll just play it by ear.  I have also decided to get involved in our church's Wednesday night stuff, thinking I'll send the kids to their grandparents' houses!

Chris recently told me he hates going to church alone, especially as a pastor and I get that.  Me staying home for so long was a decision we made together and we both think it was the right call.  It's nice to be at a place where I CAN get involved in our church again, though!

So here I go.

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