Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snapshots of a Year

On New Years Eve, Chris and I sat in front of the fire and looked through pictures of the past year.  I love times like that...they're good for the soul.  I thought I'd share a few snapshots of 2011 with you.  There's a whole huge life change missing from these photos because I still can't really post photos of 
J-Man who came into our lives in June.  I can't wait till I can!

 This was one of E's favorite things to do for a while.  Water play.

Our first "Gotcha Day" celebration.  We made E a hat!

Stud Muffin

 He loved reading for a while.  Now he's sadly too energetic for much of it although I force him twice a day!

 Our first trip to the zoo.

 Easter.  That dang stick is in most of our pictures.

E turned 2!

We got J-Man!

This boy is stylish, let me tell you.

Waiting for cookies to be ready.


E and Daddy

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