Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Staying In

Chris and I try really hard to have a date night once a month.  To some that may seem like a dream, to some it may seem too minimal.  For us, it works well.  Yes, we'd love to go out every week, but it just doesn't seem realistic with our kids' needs, our finances, etc.  So we gratefully take once a month.

I had Friday marked as "date" on our calendar since the beginning of March.  Friday rolled around and J-Man had a cold meaning a babysitter was out.  I'd been trying to think of cheap dates anyway because we are saving up for a little overnighter to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, coming in June!  I even asked the good people of Facebook for cheap date ideas.  My mom's good friend suggested fondue at home with a movie.  Brilliant, I thought.

So we put the kids to bed a little early and whipped up a little date night romance in the form of pound cake, microwaved chocolate, and candlelight.

I even busted out the fine china.

We chatted over decaf coffee and melty goodness.

Then we settled onto the couch and browsed Netflix.  My husband chose a romantic movie...what a guy!  We watched Overboard with Goldie Hawn!  It was a cute little love story and I loved my husband more for picking it out on his own.

We always go out of the house for date night, but we really enjoyed staying in this time.  And we saved some money.

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