Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An update on our adoption

Last week we began our adoptive placement of the J-Man!  So my understanding is that foster care is over, which, practically speaking, means we no longer have to document medication we give him or hand a form over every time we visit a doctor; this will probably be the last month of social worker visits; etc.  The best part is that we are one step closer to finalizing this adoption.  We can taste it.

This week we'll sign our finalization papers and then we just wait for a court date.  It will probably be about a month and a half before we can head to court to finalize.  That will feel so good!

With our international adoption, the "re-finalizing" when we got back to the US seemed so anticlimactic because E was already our son, legally and in every other way.  It was a formality that didn't change anything.  But with J-Man, it seems huge.  It means we are officially a family forever, that no one can separate us, that he will have our last name, that's it's done and done and done.

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Venessa said...

Congratulations! That is amazing news!!!!

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