Saturday, March 24, 2012

We've Missed the Point

We've been rethinking life lately, ya'll.  Our minds have been running all over.  We've been looking at The Bible and particularly the early Christians in the book of Acts.  We've been thinking our lives don't look as much like that as they should.

We're not in community like we should be.  Our home has not really been open to people as a safe haven like we wanted it to be.  We don't treat many people outside of our family as family.

The first church in Acts was this phenomenal community where people met with each other daily, worshiped together, had everything in common, and no one had need.  That just floors me.  No one had need because they had everything in common.  I don't live like that.  We buy into this "every man for himself" mentality that really belongs to the world and we're supposed to live in a different mentality.

It's just supposed to look different than this, we feel like.  We've missed it in some areas.

I have a friend living in Philadelphia and every week she and some friends have a BBQ in their front yard.  Their front yard, ya'll!  They invite their neighbors and some homeless people and it's just open to anyone, really.  That's living in community and being a part of people's lives.  That inspires me.

Chris read about this family who opens their home every Sunday afternoon.  People come over, drink wine, relax, vent, mourn, whatever they need.  Their home is just there every Sunday and people know they can go and find that community they need.  That inspires me.

My friend read about this church in Texas that spends Easter bringing a meal to, and hanging out with the homeless.  That inspires me.

So we're just in this sort of struggle right now of trying to figure out where we've missed the mark; where we've missed the point.  And how can we remedy that?

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