Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a really nice Easter weekend.  This was the first Easter my husband has had off in 6 years.  So we ditched church, ya'll.  I like going to church on Easter because it's a focused time to really celebrate Jesus' resurrection, but we aren't putting the boys in nurseries right now because a) E cries the entire time, and b) J-Man gets sick EVERY SINGLE TIME.  When you have two 2-year-old boys you don't even pretend there's a possibility they'll stay in the building half-way quiet for more than 5, maybe 6 minutes.  So instead of one of us wandering the church property trying to entertain our boys, we read the Children's Bible version of Jesus' resurrection in our PJ's on the couch.

Then we enjoyed the park with Chris's family and some friends, headed home for nap time, and enjoyed Easter dinner with my family.  It was really fun to watch the boys enjoy decorating eggs and just be old enough to get things more.

Coloring eggs

 The best one of my boys.  Take what you can get!
Because these were the other attempts:

 Easter baskets in the morning

Our friend is an Army recruiter so we were blessed with some shade!

Egg hunt

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