Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I follow a blog called Finding Joy and she is in the middle of a series called Ten Days of Intentional Parenting.  I have been reading this series off and on and it's quite good.  The first day was called Awake and the journaling portion asks us to list 5 things we love about how we mother and 5 things we want to change about how we mother.  So here goes.

5 things I love about how I mother.
     1.  I read with my kids a lot and I have incorporated it into our daily routine.
     2.  I've researched the best ways to build attachment in adoptive parenting and I do those things     consistently.
     3.  I'm teaching my kids some Amharic.
     4.  I take a lot of photos and videos of my kids.
     5.  I encourage my kids to spend as much time as possible outside every day.

5 things I want to change about how I mother.
     1.  I use a harsh voice too much with my kids.
     2.  I want to only use my computer when my kids are sleeping.
     3.  I want to be more consistent with rules and discipline.
     4.  I want to limit their tv time to an hour and a half a day during the week.
     5.  I want to bring more art into their lives.  (we've never painted!)

There it is.  Share something you love about how you mother and something you want to change.  Or leave a link to your own list on your blog.

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