Monday, April 30, 2012


A bit of random from life right now:

Couponing.  This weekend, Chris and I got inspired to start couponing.  The inspiration came from my sister-in-law, Janell who reportedly bought $100 worth of groceries last week for only $35.  She's gone all extreme couponing, I hear.  Which got us thinking, grocery prices are so dang high right now and our budget just isn't cutting it so let's dig in our heels and give it a whirl.  We made a trip to Target using coupon matchups from Live FabuLESS and we saved about $10 on some essentials.  Not bad for a first attempt.  Do you coupon?  If there's a site you use to find matchups, please let me know!

Slip and Slide.  While at Target, we found a $4.99 slip and slide.  It was worth that $5 just for its use yesterday!  So fun!  The four of us flew across that thing for a good half hour.  Then we ate strawberry shortcakes outside!

Eating Outside.  What is it about eating outside?  We've been doing it up in the outdoors since the weather got all nice on us.  My kids would prefer to eat outside any meal of any day of any week.  Most of the time we're at our table on the deck, sometimes we park a couple of chairs in the middle of the yard, and over the weekend we ate at the park.

Planning a Yard Sale.  My goal was to do one in April.  That didn't happen.  So May it must be.  I'm in this purging zone lately where I just don't think we need all the stuff we have.  I want to simplify and downsize.  Plus with starting our own business we need all the financial help we can get right now!  I'm going to try to sell this couch on Craigslist, too!  (If you are in our area and need a couch, let me know!)

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April said...

What adorable kids you have and look like they're having such a ball! Memories in the making, for sure! I am now following! :)

Laurel Feierbach said...

Welcome, April!

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