Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some Randomness

Some randomness for you today:

Have you every visited this site: Sacred Space?  I think I've mentioned it before, but I just love it!  It's a guided prayer site run by the Irish Jesuits.  Doesn't that just grab your interest, right there?  I often use it for my quiet time and it blesses me.

We are potty training, ya'll!  We've sort of tried a few times, but then it becomes a control battle and we just can't handle any more of those up in this house.  So we parents back off of the underwear deal.  We wanted to really wait till the boys were ready so it wouldn't be too bad of an experience!  I don't know if it was cousin Sef wearing underwear to park on Easter or if the time just came, but this week, those boys got excited and serious about potty training!  Hallelujah, there's a light at the end of the two-kids-in-diapers tunnel!

My husband is a full-time personal trainer now.  He's been a pastor for 6 years and there was a lot that went into this decision, but suffice it to say he really felt like he was supposed to take a break from full time ministry and be a full time personal trainer for a while.  Part of the whole decision was this feeling that he's spent years telling people to go live out their faith in the rest of the world, and at some point, maybe he has to do that, too, instead of just preaching it.  (This is not a commentary on full time ministry, it's just what Chris strongly felt for himself at this time.)

This morning, E and J-Man sat facing each other on the floor, playing guitar, and singing to each other.  It warmed my heart, it did.  Those boys have come so far in their relationship.  I honestly doubted they would ever like each other and be able to spend time alone without hurting each other.  It's such evidence of the Lord's healing.

Lastly, Lent was good for me this year.  It got me back in the habit of spending one-on-one time with God every day and it made me realize how much my soul missed it.  I'm trying to stick with my new habit of quiet time during the boys' nap time.

Have a fantastic Thursday!


Meg Fletcher said...

I'm glad you shared what you husband was feeling about full time ministry. My husband is halfway through with seminary and took a break after we had Casey. But we're both really questioning if that is the direction that God wants us to go down now. It's nice for me and my husband to know that taking breaks is a good thing!

Laurel Feierbach said...

I will pray for wisdom for you guys, Megan!

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