Monday, May 14, 2012

a birthday, a lemon tree, and a good swim

My little boy turns 3 tomorrow.  We partied hardy over here on Saturday.  We partied with hot dogs, fresh strawberries from the farm, and cake frosted specially by Daddy.

We partied in the style of Thomas when he plays "Splish, Splash, Splosh!"  We ran across a slip & slide because most were too young to actually slide.  We splashed in a kiddy pool and pushed each other on a tire swing.  It was quite fun!

Some of us may have struggled with a little jealousy at the day's beginning.  When is it my turn to be in the spotlight?

But by the time the party hit, it was just a good old time of yummy food, delighted kids, and a mess that said, "Fun was had!"

Then Mothers Day hit and my precious boys planted me gerbera daisies (my favorite) and a lemon tree!  They brought me breakfast in bed (eggs, hash browns, strawberry shortcake!, and coffee) and gave me a handmade card that said on the front "Mommy u r beautiful".  Chris said he asked the boys what they should write and that's what they said.  Their Daddy has trained them well!

We finished the day with swimming and a BBQ at my parents' house and the boys were very excited for their first swim of the year in a non-kiddy pool!  J-Man rocked some kind of style, let me tell you!

E with his Grandma

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Stacy @Sweet Surrender said...

Love all the great photos Laurel! Those boys are so cute!!!

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