Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keep Them Entertained, But Not Too Busy

The weekend looms ahead.  It's a busy one, following many busy ones.  This one will be filled with a yard sale, my grandparents in town, Chris's sister and her family in town, birthday parties (for me!), BBQs, maybe swimming, friends coming to our home.

I feel like I always walk this line with my children between not enough activity and too much activity.  Do you relate?

When we go too long without anything planned and all we do is stay home, E in particular becomes very bored.  He is very energetic and he has a hard time sticking with one activity for very long.  He asks all day every day, "Can we go to Grandma and Grandpa's?"  "Can we go to Nana and Papa's?"  "Where are we going today?"  "What can we do today?"  "Can we go to the beach?"  "Should we play a game?"  "Can we do something fun?"

And yet, when busyness sets in and we run around and have a lot of plans, I see negative things happen to my kids, too.  J-Man in particular, an introvert, needs time at home, quietly reading and hanging out with Mommy.  When we've been running all over the place for a couple days, my kids become exceptionally clingy and prone to tantrums.

It's so hard to find that balance of keeping them busy but not too busy.

So as the busy weekend looms ahead, I am grateful that E will be entertained, I'm excited for some fun times, yet I worry about the pending tantrums and poor sleep that will probably come.

How do you keep that balance for your family?

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