Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Boys

E is going to be 3-years-old this month.  What!?!  Almost every day, I find myself looking at him and going, "He's so big.  He's so much taller.  He looks so much older.  He's growing so fast."  I suppose there's a little sadness that goes along with that as all mothers can attest.  It's exciting, too, though.  I look forward to all the things he'll be able to do and enjoy as he keeps growing.  We're thinking about signing him up for a gymnastics class through the rec department this summer.  I get excited about new ventures like that...things he's been too young for thus far.

Both boys are potty-trained, ya'll!  It's shocking to me.  J-Man is not even two-and-a-half, but when his big brother finally hunkered down to learn, he followed right along and refused to be left behind.  They still wear pull-ups at night, but other than that, they are underwear boys!  Life is so much easier and we are saving so much money not buying diapers and wipes for 2 boys!

J-Man.  He becomes ours tomorrow.  We'll go the courthouse tomorrow morning and finalize this adoption and it seems so surreal and so relieving.

He's talking in much more complete sentences and it's funny to hear him use the same expressions as his brother.  He's wavering in this place between wanting the independence that he sees in E and wanting to just be held and need Mommy for everything.

I'm so grateful for the family God has formed for us!


Katie said...

Yay for saving money on diapers! I already think about that day and it is quite a way in my future I think!

Hope you have a wonderful morning of celebrating tomorrow!

Andy and Kristen said...

that picture of the two of them both on their potties... reading! just love it!

congratulations on your big day tomorrow! praying it goes smoothly!

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