Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nurturing Today's Adoptions

Tomorrow I get to spend the day at a workshop with Deborah Gray, author of the most helpful book I have ever read for adoptive parenting Attaching in Adoption.

The workshop is in my very own town and is FREE.  What?!  I received an email from our social worker (love her!) suggesting I attend this conference.  When I saw "free" I signed up pronto!  And I get free breakfast and lunch.  Seriously, what?!

Here's a little synopsis of the workshop:

Nurturing Today's Adoptions:

This full day workshop is designed for adoptive parents and professionals to develop practical approaches to support children and youth – from transitioning into adoptive homes and forming attachments, to addressing histories of prenatal exposure, trauma, neglect and high stress.
We will focus on how prenatal exposure and maltreatment change the brain and alter development. Methods will be offered on how to enhance home environments, discipline approaches, case work and developing effective therapy that encourages families to thrive.

Sounds helpful, right?  If you are in the area, I'm pretty sure you can still register.  Did I mention it's free?

I'll be sure to share some of what I learn so check back!

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