Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's Definitely Been a Year!

This week, we celebrated J-Man's "Gotcha Day."  For him, we decided to celebrate the day he was officially placed with us.  We considered making "Gotcha Day" the day we finalized his adoption, but decided the more significant day was really the day he joined our family, which was placement day.

We let him choose breakfast that morning, and he requested oatmeal (his fave).  So Chris made him a huge bowl, which he devoured.

We like to get our kids a small yet significant present on Gotcha Day so we gave him a book called All Kinds of Kisses.  I told Chris, "I think books are J-Man's love language."  He loves books and reading with us is very calming to him.  I think it really makes him feel loved and secure.  This book is a participatory book that goes through different kinds of kisses: eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, hand blowing kisses, etc.  He loves it!  He loves re-enacting all the kisses while we read it.  This week had been a little difficult for J-Man and he had some regression so we determined this Gotcha Day would be more about making him feel really loved and special, but not focusing on his story so much.  Usually, we look through E's lifebook and talk about his life story on his Gotcha Day.  But we felt J-Man was in too fragile a place to really dwell on his story this time.  We felt what he really needed was just to be celebrated as a part of our family.  So we didn't even talk about his story on that day.  We just celebrated him.

Anyway, we ended the day with homemade popsicles in the bath!

Our families have been commenting on how they can't believe it's already been a year.  This threw us a bit because we feel that it's definitely been a year!!  It's been a really hard year.  Part of that has been due to a lot of job changes and other life circumstances, but a lot of it has been getting through J-Man's first year.  I think the 1st year is always was with E, too.  J-Man has changed so much, he let go of so many defense mechanisms, which has allowed to see so much more of his real personality and we love it so much!  He has come a very very long way in a year and we are so very proud of him!

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Chris said...

It really has been a year. A difficult, tiring, frustrating, wonderful and amazing year.

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