Monday, July 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Moving.  We are beginning the process of moving.  Not out of town, just to a different home.  We are going to sell our house and hope to rent something smaller.  We've wanted to this for quite a while now.  Part of our reasoning is financial.  With owning our own business, we would rather have a little less pressure each month to make so much money.  Another part of our reasoning is just that we know our home is excessive for us.  We don't NEED this much space so we feel God is moving us to downsize and have more room to glorify Him with our money.  So right now, we're getting the house ready to list and we are researching rentals.  Pray for us!  It's a big job!

2.  Summer.  I am enjoying summer!  I feel very satisfied that we have not wasted this summer.  We have enjoyed it and we have picnicked, we have swam, we have spent tons of time outdoors, we have had BBQs, we have played with fireworks, we have put the kids in swim lessons and E in gymnastics, we have visited with out-of-town family, and just done a lot of those "summery" things we wanted to do.  I've had summers in the past where all of a sudden it's over and I realize I never even went swimming or got a hint of a tan because I was so busy.  So I like that this summer has been an "enjoyed" summer!

Cousins in a sandbox!

3.  Free babysitting.  We are trying to make sure we take advantage of free babysitting lately!  We both have parents living in town who love babysit for free.  The kids love it and we love the break.  So we've been trying to send them off to the grandparents' once a week to let ourselves breathe.  It's preventative, if you will!  It keep us from losing our patience so much or getting pushed to the point where we NEED A BREAK!  We get the babysitter before that happens now!

My mom and J-Man


Meg Fletcher said...

We really like OSAT apartments (well duplexes really) They are really quiet due to most people have young families! And the rent is super reasonable, and both locations are in nice neighborhoods!

Laurel Feierbach said...

Thanks, Megan! I haven't looked at those yet. Do you know if any have small yards? With our boys, we really need at least a little yard!

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