Monday, July 2, 2012

Swim Lessons

These boys started swim lessons this morning!  Chris's cousin teaches swim lessons and we bartered services - I took photos of her kids and she is giving 10 days of swim lessons to mine.  I love bartering services like that!

I have been a swim coach and swim instructor for many years in the past, but you know how there are those times when your kids are so much more willing to learn from someone else?  It's really helping the boys to have a teacher and a set aside time for lessons.  I think it'll go much better than me trying to force them to do what I say in the pool when they just want to play in their floaties!

E was a little freaked out about Mommy being on the other side of the fence and it just being him and J-Man with a teacher, but he got better as time went on.  J-Man was pretty into it, but got cold about halfway through.

It's fun to be in the stage of life where they can learn things like swimming and where they can gain a little more independence!  We have 10 days of lessons and I'm excited to see them improve.

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