Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Halloween Shmalloween

I know it's early, but Chris and I have been discussing Halloween.  There are already costumes at Costco so I guess it's not THAT early!  Last Halloween was rough in the Feierbach household.  Please refer to my post I Might Hate Halloween.  All we did last year was put costumes on the boys and tote them on over to each grandparents' house for some candy.  But the whole thing scared them, ya'll!  E slept 3 hours Halloween night and for an entire week after the day, sleep was terrible in our home.

I think it builds for our anxious kids as scary stuff comes out all over the place around Halloween.  Even walking around stores, there are monsters and mummies and skeletons and weird things that freak my kids out.  It builds and builds as they see scary stuff everywhere they go for months.  Then the weirdness of the night with everyone in costumes and random people coming to your door all night in looking scary and strangers roaming the streets for hours in the dark.  It was all too much for my kids last year.

I don't want to be prudish and I don't want my kids to "miss out" on anything, but I think we're going to skip Halloween this year.  We'll turn off our porch light so no strangers come a-knocking and we'll eat a little candy on our own and we'll do something fun like watch a movie or whatever.  We'll just shut out all the scary stuff because the bottom line is that my kids have experienced more evil and more fear in their short little lives than I ever have.  Why would I intentionally expose them to more scary stuff just because it's a "holiday"?


Stacy said...

I'm with you Laurel!I wrote similar words last year about my love-hate relationship with October. It's such a hard line to figure out.

Laurel Feierbach said...

Stacy, I read your post last year and it was nice to hear someone else in the same boat!

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