Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Getaway

Ah, we had ourselves a getaway over Labor Day weekend!  We went camping at Pismo Beach with my parents and it was so very nice to GET AWAY!  Life has been crazy around here with selling our house and our impending move.  We really needed a weekend to just put it all aside and enjoy some family time!

The boys absolutely loved our trip!  They loved the beach, the camping, the hay ride at Avila Barn.  They loved being with family and s'mores and picnics.  They loved Capri Suns and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and wrestling in the tent!

They slept like logs when we got home yesterday afternoon and then again last night.

What is it about getting away?  There's just something so wonderful about going somewhere away from your ordinary.  It was really a blessing.

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