Friday, October 19, 2012

Tall Paul & Gemini Giant

It's been a hard couple of weeks.  I might even venture to call them "ridiculous."  If you have any doubts, you can hop over to my previous post conveniently entitled "Too Tired To Be Nice" in which I basically make you never want to meet me in person.  That's the state of me in the last couple of weeks.  We've moved and majorly downsized and we have a son who just has a dang hard time with loss such as the loss of a home.  He's been bawling over the flies in his new room.  He's afraid of the flies.  Lord knows why, but aparently he never noticed flies at our old house, which gives him one more thing to mourn.  The loss of a fly-free room.

Our dog has even gone through a regression, people!  He's suddenly become terrified of my husband and clingy to me and he has pooped on the carpet twice now.  It almost seems like maybe he lived in apartments before we got him from the pound and he has some bad memories of those days...

...and yes, we are seriously having this discussion about our dog.  That's the kind of week it's been.

But let me paint you a picture of NOW.  I'll paint it for you because my husband has the good computer at work and I'm afraid if I upload one more picture to this poor laptop the whole thing might crash!

Right now I am in our new living room.  The last few boxes have been unpacked today (except for the one hiding behind the couch...shhhh, don't tell anyone!) because our scouring of craigslist finally paid off and we scored a really nice entertainment center to hold all our dvds and the like.  This tiny living room looks so much better without all that clutter lying about!

I'm in my yoga pants (always a blessing!), the kids are in bed, the dog is sleeping in his bed on the floor next to me.  It's quiet.

And I'm grazing on a 90 calorie Fiber One peanut butter chocolate thingy (have you tried those?!  They're good!) and sipping decaf coffee from my new mug.  I found it on the clearance rack at Target today.  It's fun and quirky and it just spoke to me so I decided I wanted it.  It says "Tall Paul & Gemini Giant" and it has them both pictured.  One guy's in a space suit and one guy's holding a hot dog.  Not quite sure why it spoke to me, but I think it has to do with being 6 feet tall... and the time when my husband and I were dating and he made some reference to a junior college mascot and I thought he was calling me a giant.

I think we're going to be okay.  Oh, and if you read my last post, don't worry...I am once again capable of being nice to people!

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Ang said...

Hi Laurel,
Just thought I'd check in to say "hi". A and G are 3 now, and boy oh boy, do they keep us on our toes. Yesterday, within 2 mins, G climbed to the veryyyy top of the cupboard to get medicine for A who is not sick, I might add. Ergg...I have no idea how he opened the "child-proof" bottle. Anyway, it is so good to see photos of your family.
Much love,
The Laubachs

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