Friday, October 26, 2012

The Directions We Go

Today is one of those days where you feel like an afterthought.  Have you been there?  Sometimes I feel a little invisible.  Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm boring to people.  Like the world around me goes on making plans and then, if I'm really lucky, they might remember to inform me of them, but usually too late for me to hop on board.

I have felt like a bit of a misfit for much of my adult life.  Granted, I am only 26 so that phrase does not quantify all that much time. 

It's like the people around me are plunging ahead in similar directions and I'm way out in left field heading in a completely different direction.  People keep trying to talk me into going a different way, but I'm heading in that direction with a passion.

And sometimes I just feel like I would love to be the one who makes sense to everybody close to me. Just for a while.  To take a year off of being the "are you sure you know what you're doing?"  and "we're just worried about you" person.  It sounds good.

But I can't.  Not really.  Because I believe in this direction I keep trudging along in.  I don't 100% know it's the right way, but I think it is, or at least that it might be. 

I believe in this direction of adopt because you can or even if you can't, sell your house to go rent an apartment because you feel like you should, have no investments, downsize, completely change the course of your life regularly, start your own business, unsettle yourself, you don't have to know for sure before you take the leap.

But sometimes it'd be nice to not hear so many cautionary tales when we voice our plans.

Sometimes it would be nice to fit into that picture-perfect life those who love you had envisioned.

It would be nice.  But it could also be quite boring I suppose.


Meg Fletcher said...

I hear you! Some people just can't help but interject their own comments or fears maybe, I don't know. We were about to sign papers to buy a house but God gave us an opportunity to step out in faith and move to the bay again. God always has better more exciting things in store for us if we trust him. You just have to keep telling yourself that your faith is big, and pray that one day those concerned people might have the peace and fulfillment that comes from having big time faith in God!

Andy and Kristen said...

I can totally relate to these words!

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