Monday, November 12, 2012

a conspiracy, advent style

The Advent Conspiracy.  It's a movement.  Have you heard of it?  If not, check it.

It's about these things during the Christmas season: worship fully, spend less, give more, love all.

It's about Christmas being about Jesus completely changing the world and what if we all made THAT our goal for Christmastime?  Changing the world.

Chris discovered this movement a couple years ago and it has been altering our ways a bit each year.  It's caused us to rethink some of the ways we "celebrate" during Christmastime and change it up a bit.

We're still figuring it out and we do things a little differently each year, but we are trying to really apply these tenets to our season and our traditions and our celebrations.

So I'd love to just share a couple things that we are doing so far this year to make our Christmas more full of worship, less expensive, more about helping others, and more about loving others.  I'd love to share more ideas with you as the season progresses AND I'd love to hear your ideas for how you make these tenets a priority in your advent season.  Please share with us!

Presents.  It's probably what we all think of first, right?  That's where our money goes this time of year.  We've tried to cut back on how much we spend on our family and spend more on those who really need it.  This year, Chris and I are exchanging one gift with each other.  We are each getting a pair of SoleRebels shoes.  This company makes fair trade certified shoes in Ethiopia (close to our hearts), they give back so much to the community in Ethiopia, they put their workers first, and they are committed to sustainable production.  And their shoes are cool.

We love the idea of gifts that bless the recipient (because it's fun and celebratory to give each other gifts!), but also help someone who really needs it.  A couple years ago we all got a pair of TOMs shoes for Christmas.  For every pair you buy, a pair is given to a child who needs them.  Do we sound like we are obsessed with shoes?  Because we're not.  Well, my husband's not. :)

Okay, go!  Share your ideas.  Specifically, how do you keep gift spending under control and bless others in need during this season?


Katie said...

Love this post. We do the three gift rule. Something you want, something you need, and something that has to do with spiritual health (a Bible, devotional, etc). That keeps spending down because it is so easy to get caught up in the vortex of the toy aisle!

Andy and Kristen said...

It's funny that you mentioned SoleRebels. Last Christmas, I bought my husband a pair, and he bought me a pair, but we both didn't realize that was the gift we decided to give each other until we started opening them! Haha!

Another thing we do is find a gift via WorldVision in their gift catalog that pertains to the person we're buying for. My husband is a teacher, so last year I gave, in his name, education to one child for a year. We gave his parents, in their name, a bunch of chickens for a family in need, because they raise them on their property.

Laurel Feierbach said...

Katie, I love that idea about the purpose of the 3 gifts! I'll have to think about that for next year. Kristen, last year we did a gift from World Vision's gift catalog from our family and spent that much less on each other. I love the idea of making it pertain to someone! Thanks for sharing, ladies!

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