Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Forget Cancer!"

Halloween just so happens to be the anniversary of my husband being cancer-free.  Yesterday we celebrated 9 years and we are so very grateful to God!

Each year, we celebrate in the same way and I wanted to share a glimpse with you all.

We celebrate at the park because doesn't the park just naturally say something about celebrating life?  I always get eclairs because they're one of Chris's favorite desserts and I throw some candles on there because, again, doesn't that just say "celebrate!"?

We enjoy our eclairs and then Chris and I bust out our dream lists.  They're lists we've had going for the past 5 years; sort of bucket lists, if you will.  We just write down our dreams.  Some are big like "have a daughter" and some are small like "have a car with a sunroof."  They're things we hope for, things that excite us.

So each year we read through our list from the previous year, gratefully crossing off those that we have lived.  Then we make a new list and share it with each other.  It's about remembering the dreams that have come true and looking forward to the future.

Then we play.  We used to play by ourselves.  Now we play with two little boys.  We celebrate life.  We're so very grateful we have it.

A few years ago, my husband's friend Justin sent him a shirt from "the anger stage" that has a mostly blanked out expletive before the word "cancer."  Chris wears that shirt every year on Halloween.  He wears it underneath a sweater or another t-shirt because he doesn't feel completely comfortable showing it to the world, but he knows it's there.  He knows he kicked cancer's butt.  So I told our kids this year that today is the day we say, "FORGET CANCER!"  Because that seemed a little more age-appropriate than the shirt.


Colin and Ashley said...

Hi Laurel! I've been reading your blog for some time, having come across it while surfing through other adoption blogs. I found the post "A Family Tale" and knew I had to follow you because it spoke directly to my heart. You see, my husband and I are also young, married for a year and a half, planning to start our adoption process soon to grow our family, trusting completely in God to provide the funds, and my husband is a two-time cancer survivor. The other amazing thing? The name we've had picked out for a long time for a future son is Ephraim. The chances that all those align are slim, so only God could have led me to your post!

Thank you for being inspiring, and I LOVE the way you and your husband celebrate cancer free every year! :)

Laurel Feierbach said...

Ashley, Oh my goodness, the similarities in our stories!! I'm so glad you're here.

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