Saturday, November 3, 2012


Last weekend we went to the zoo.  Sometimes I get behind with posting about the happenings around here so I thought I'd just let you in on this.  It was the first time we'd taken J-man and we had a good time!

We were once again reminded that E just kind of sees life differently.  He never really agrees with whatever we think the purpose of something is.  A zoo is not to LOOK at animals because that wouldn't be much fun, right?  A zoo is for digging in the dirt, or climbing over the fences into the cages, or playing on the playground that MUST be there somewhere, or basically anything BUT looking at the animals.  And if you try to get him to look at animals, well, he'll probably become a little agitated with you.  We just always have to remember that the things we plan will not be what we thought with E around and we have to just roll with that.  I mentioned to Chris that he marches to the beat of a different drummer and Chris said he's got a whole band going on up there. 

He did enjoy the petting zoo!
And we did have a good time and a nice family day!

Happy Saturday!

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