Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Busy Busy

This week has been BUSY, ya'll.  Is it really only Wednesday?  School is back in session next week, which means as a teacher, this week is full of staff meetings and planning sessions.  I've been working every evening and my kids have been getting too bed way too late.  Today, there is nothing on my calendar so me and the boys stayed in our comfies all morning and just rested together. 

I felt like a lightweight post today.  I felt like just throwing some pictures out there and giving you a tiny glimpse into Feierbach World right now.

My boys have become puzzle maniacs!  

They got a lot of puzzles for Christmas and they are becoming quite the experts.  It's nice to have them at the age where they enjoy more low key activities at times. 

I do theatre photography now!

Those crazy boys in the front row of that top pick are mine, I'll have you know!  I photograph shows for a local performing arts academy and so Monday night of this week was spent delivering these.

And I'm editing these right now.

This is from a family photo shoot I did last week.  I'm really enjoying this whole photography gig!

Have a great Wednesday, friends.  Try not to be too madly busy!

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