Monday, January 21, 2013

Healthier Churches

 It's been a joy to witness God's faithfulness in my husband's life recently.  Chris was a full time pastor for the last 6 years before deciding he needed to take a break.  He needed time to heal and time to forgive.  I think he needed time to take the "job" aspect out of his relationship with God for a while.

The Lord has brought us to a church where we feel we can have some refuge for a time.  And God has been healing Chris, particularly in the past week.  It's wonderful to see.  I'm grateful that God has given us this break from full time ministry because I see how much we all needed it.  There are things that go into being a pastor and being a pastor's family that are difficult and surprising.  While it is a wonderful and important calling, it is also a challenging one. 

It's being behind the scenes of church in America and seeing things that just aren't how they should be.  And you know it's not how it should be but usually you are powerless to do much about it. 

I'm very grateful for the healing I see God doing in Chris's life and in his spirit.  I'm learning more of how hard it's been for him. 

Here's the thing, I is supposed to be different from the rest of the world.  Because it's supposed to be all about Jesus.  But sometimes, in all honesty, it's just not any different from the rest of the world.  Sometimes working there is just the same as working anywhere else in the workforce.  And that strikes you as wrong.  And I guess over time, that begins to chip away at your spirit a little. 

Maybe all pastors should have a time of respite every so often; a time off of being a pastor; a time for them and their families to rest and process things and learn from things and just be re-inspired.  Maybe all of our churches would be a lot healthier. 

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