Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 5 Posts of 2012

Here are my most popular posts of 2012.  If you're new around here or you missed something, check them out.  Thanks for reading!!!

1.  Tall Paul & Gemini Giant

My most popular post probably shouldn't be!  The title threw the whole thing into a google search extravaganza!  But you can read it if you want!

2.  How to Survive an International Adoption

A list of some of the things we learned from our Ethiopian adoption.

3.  You Were Adopted

Some of the ways we tell our children about their adoptions.

4.  I Broke the Rule

Sometimes we have to break the rules in parenting because it's just not what our child needs at that moment.

5.  Adoption and Logic

My struggle with reconciling a passion for orphans with logic.

Enjoy and please follow the blog if you haven't already!

1 comment:

Penelope W said...

Tall Paul! I love that font!! Lol! I had a blog post about something my preschooler said at Walmart so now I get traffic from a search for funny Walmart pictures. Love your blog!

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