Friday, February 15, 2013



 I'm linking up with From My Grey Desk today for a little High Five for Friday!  Because I am really glad it's Friday!

1.  I've been editing some photos from my first wedding reception shoot.  Here are a couple faves!

2.  I got some See's truffles (delicious!) from my valentine as well as a horseshoe he bent into a heart (with his bare hands) and painted red!  Understand my husband is a personal trainer and is really into grip strength.  So he rips phone books and bends nails and horseshoes.  I thought it was a pretty cool romantic gesture!

3.  My nieces had a joint birthday party last weekend, turning 3 and 4.  Annie is into Spiderman and Ellie is into being a ballerina! 

4.  My mother-in-law brought over a bag of goodies yesterday.  Yogurt pretzels were in there.  I love those things!

5.  We've been needing some help with J-Man and trying to figure out where to go for support and advice.  This week I scheduled an appointment with a woman I know and trust who is an expert with adoption issues.  Chris and I will be meeting with her in a couple weeks and I feel relief already knowing that some insight and advice are coming!

Have a good weekend!

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