Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beautiful and Practical

Ethiopia.  This photo was taken by friends of ours who adopted when we did.

The last two days were so beautiful.  So practical and beautiful.

We threw a huge rummage sale.  A small group of us stayed up way past bedtime last night sorting a CRAZY amount of donated items, throwing prices on a few things, and trying to make some organized chaos out of enough stuff to completely fill two driveways and two large front yards.

Then I walked back on said lawns at 6:00 this morning to find the same faces from the night before rushing to lug organized chaos into a bit more organization before the yard sale crazies descended upon us at 7.  I hung out with that same small group of people this morning as we haggled and bargained and scarfed delicious homemade breakfast burritos.

This rummage sale was for two families in our church who are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia.  We made $2500 today!!!  The money will be split between the two families so each family will get $1200 toward their adoption costs!

I LOVE this!!!  It is so beautiful to see the body of Christ rally around each other and work together to help care for orphans!  Maybe some of us are supposed to adopt and some of us aren't.  But we can all do SOMETHING to care for orphans.  I was so blessed the last two days by seeing these lovely individuals dedicating their time and energy and weekend to help bring home two little girls from Ethiopian orphanages.

It was absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful and practical organized chaos!

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