Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I'll be 27!  We splurged earlier this month on a trip to Disneyland so I told my husband I really don't want presents or any party or really any money spending.  We used part of our tax return on the Disneyland trip and we had gotten a $200 Disney gift card through a Disney Visa deal we signed up for.  But it was still a splurge for us!  I viewed it as a celebration of all things May...my son's 4th birthday, Mothers Day, my birthday.  So...I asked my husband not to spend much else on me this month.

So what did my sweet husband do?  He got online and signed me up for everything company there is that gives you something on your birthday for free!  I have options of free breakfast at Mimi's, free Starbucks, free ice cream, free BBQ dinner, and on and on!  I love that man.

I enjoy going out to breakfast as a family so I think we'll do that tomorrow.  They boys can eat off our plates and my meal will be free, so it will be a very inexpensive breakfast date for all of us!  I love my husband's thoughtfulness and creativity!!

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