Friday, May 17, 2013

High Five For Friday

Hello World Wide Internet!  Today I am linking up with High Five For Friday!  So...HIGH FIVE!

1.  I went thrifting today and actually found TWO cute tops at a consignment store downtown!  They're in the washing machine, or I'd take a picture to show you!

2.  My oldest, E turned 4 on Wednesday!  We had a lot of fun celebrating him all day!  I made him cookies per his request and once he got that Transformer helmet to go with his new big boy bike, he wore it pretty much all day.

3.  My kids' cousins are in town this week and my sis-in-law bought water balloons for $1 at Target.  My boys threw them and threw them and threw them.  My nieces cuddled and protected them.  Oh, the differences between boys and girls!

4.  I was also blessed to be able to take Wednesday off work this week!  Wednesdays are usually the worst day of the week for us.  They're the day after J-Man's therapy (so he's typically processing a lot) and they are full of transitions between Chris's job and my job.  Since it was E's birthday, I decided to take the day off to make it not the hardest day of the week!

Daddy taught him how to ride a real bike!

5.  Our apartment pool is "closed until further notice."  But next week, we get to head over to Chris's cousin's house so she can give the boys swim lessons!

Have a lovely weekend!

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