Saturday, May 25, 2013

Life Before Death

"We can tell the world that there is life after death, but the world really seems to be wondering if there is life before death."
- Shane Claiborne, The Irresistible Revolution
This quote has stuck with me since I read it last week.  (GREAT book, by the way.  Chris and I are making our way through it.)  The world is really wondering if there is life BEFORE death.
I was talking with a woman this week, and she was saying how strange our society really is with this life formula we've decided on.  We work and work and work and work so that we can retire and do nothing.  She said she finds it quite strange that our whole goal is to retire.
We're in this rat race, this human race.  We work for the weekend and, ultimately, to retire and not have to work anymore.  That's the whole goal.  To store up enough resources so we just stop working and rest and finally have time to do the things we actually want to do.
It's a strange concept, I agree.
So many of us are wondering if there really is life before death.  What is the point?  Why are we doing the things we're doing?  Is there a better goal than just resting and relaxing or being rich? 
"When God raised up his servant (Jesus), he sent him first to you to bless you by turning each of you from your wicked ways." Acts 3.26.  This struck me today because it refers to turning from our wicked ways as a blessing.  We often think of God's rules as strict and harsh and no fun.  Jesus came to bless us.  There is supposed to be life before death.  There is supposed to be blessing and good now.  But I don't think that blessing is in the form of a huge house or plenty of paid vacation or even a secure job.  I believe it's in spreading life.  Spreading Jesus and love and salvation and joy and peace as far as we can spread it. 
When we are willing to see the pain and need around us, and then willing to do something about it, THAT is life.  Spread life, and thereby live. 

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