Monday, May 27, 2013

My Previously Easy Life

I've had a pretty easy life.  My kids have not. 

I am seeing more and more the blessing it is that God allows me to be a part of their lives and through that, I am able to understand so much more than I did before.  I am understanding more of redemption and healing and forgiveness and even God's love.

I've never been one to relate to the songs at church about God redeeming us from these dark places and "skeleton bones" coming to life.  Yes, God has redeemed me from sin and from the dark places I could have gone.  But I've always known Him so some things just don't resonate deep within me like they should. 

Yet in the past few months, I get all choked up during those songs.  I get all watery and teary when we sing, "You have called us Loved.  You have called us Wanted.  One time we are bruised, we were bankrupt and haunted."  That's become one of my favorite songs in the past couple months because it is my son's story, through and through.  And I see how God is calling him, "Loved" and "Wanted".  And I am calling him, "Loved" and "Wanted" and once again I understand the incredible beauty of this fact that God has adopted ME into His family.

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