Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Summer has seemed funny to us since we graduated from school.  Sort of anti climactic, I guess.  If you don't go to school, work in education, or have children in school, summer is really just another season, isn't it?  No breaks.  No less work.  No additional time with anyone.  Just business as usual, really.

That aside, I enjoy the season.  I hate the heat.  We have basically no humidity here, but it's in the 100's all summer.  Bleh.  But I like the swimming, the tans, festive atmosphere most people create.  Here are some things we have planned for this summer:

1.  Today my kids start T-ball, which is the first organized sport either of them have participated in so I am looking forward to a new page turned in the parenting book.  T-ball will last through most of summer for us. 

2.  I am shooting a wedding this weekend. 

3.  My teaching gig wraps up this month and I've decided not to return next year (hey, I guess I do work in education!  haha.  It's only an hour a week, though, people!).  With the difficult year we've had concerning J-Man, the teaching has just been too much.  So we've decided I need to step away from it for a while.  I'm actually really looking forward to just doing photography next year.  I can make my own schedule that way!

4.  Next month is J-Man's Gotcha Day.  And toward the end of the month, we are planning a trip to visit my sister-in-law and to see J-Man's other brother whom we have not seen in 2 years.  I'm nervous, but glad we are doing this.

5.  This is our first summer at our apartment complex, which means it's our first summer with a pool at our constant disposal.  We may be down there every single day, if E has his way!

And as for our hopes for the summer:

1.  The boys keep asking me if we can go to the beach.  We'd love to camp at the beach or in the mountains sometime this summer, but we'll have to see if that actually happens...money, time off, you know!

2.  I would love to take the family berry picking sometime soon.  We did that last year and it was really fun!

What are you most excited about for the summer?  (Even if that doesn't mean anything changes in your schedule!)

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