Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Adoptive Dads

Here's to the adoptive dads, my husband included.  Happy Fathers Day!  You guys have a tough job.  Tougher than most, I'd say. 

Both of our sons came into our family with a lot of resistance toward their new Daddy.  One from an Ethiopian orphanage where he had probably never met a man and simply didn't trust this one.  One having a picture etched in his mind of men as mean, scary, hurtful. 

Chris has had a tough road to forge with each of our children and he's still forging it.  I've seen him walk through incredible discouragement, through pain, through anger, through sadness.  It's not his fault our kids couldn't trust him for a time, it wasn't his fault they were afraid of him, but he paid the price anyway.  It wasn't fair.  But he endured it and kept trying and kept loving them and kept believing that one day it would get better.

So to the adoptive dads who have gone through those struggles and for those still in them, here's to you.  You don't get enough credit or thanks.  But you have an incredibly important job that will make a lasting difference in the lives of your kids.  Keep going.  Keep loving.  Keep hoping.

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