Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Facebook and Racial Tensions

We all know the Facebook world can be annoying and frustrating at times.  People rant and rave and say super controversial things.  Then there are those of us who try not to make political comments or ever ruffle feathers, but stick to posting cute photos of our kids or fun things we did that day.  That's usually me.

But through all of this Trayvon Martin news, I wrestled with the question, "Should I say something?"  "What should I say?"  My husband had those same thoughts.  The internet gives us all a platform and that's one thing about it that I find pretty dang neat.  I might not have a very public voice if it weren't for blogs and Facebook.  But because of those, I have the opportunity to speak to a large scale audience.  So how will I use that opportunity?

My husband's been convicted lately that in his efforts to stay out of the political scene, maybe he has been too quiet on issues of justice.  Maybe, as Christians, we are supposed to be more vocal, more bold.  Actually, I know we are supposed to be more bold.  I know we are supposed to be a voice for the voiceless because we know that God hears the cries of the oppressed and has compassion on them.

So we've felt more compelled to speak out lately. 

As I said yesterday, our nation is talking about racism right now.  And it's good to talk about it, rather than pretending it doesn't exist, or deciding it doesn't affect us and therefore doesn't concern us.

Maybe we don't need to point fingers right now or to be divisive.  But we need to take whatever steps we each can to end racism, classism, sexism, and every other form of prejudice within ourselves and our society.  We need to be a voice for the voiceless.  Beyond that, we need to be a voice joining those who do have a voice, to strengthen that voice.

I'm trying to become more educated on racism.  A while ago, I started reading the Black Voices section of the Huffington Post online and I just started reading Racialicious.  As a white woman, and especially as a white woman raising black children, I realize I need to be more aware of racial issues in America today. 

So right now, let's all stop being divisive in reaction to the Trayvon Martin case.  Let's not shut down the topic of racism and dismiss it as "liberal propaganda."  Let's acknowledge that racism does exist.  Let's do what we can to stop it.


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