Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday, Thank God!

Ya'll, we've had the flu all over our house since last Friday and I am OVER IT!  I think we are done with it although J-Man may still be fighting it off a little.  I came down with it Friday night, it struck J-Man on Sunday and it hit E on Monday.  Chris has survived unscathed, just exhausted. 

In our house, sickness also brings behavior regressions from my kids so while fighting off the flu and being exhausted from taking care of two sick kids, we also get to deal with behaviors from J-Man that we thought had been put to rest.  Yay.  I'm glad this week is over.

This post seems rather gloomy, but I wanted to link up with High Five for Friday so I need to share some "favorites" from the week.

1.  Grace.  I'm so grateful for God's grace this week.  I screwed up and lost my temper with J-Man and didn't handle things how I wish I would've.  It's always those times when you are sick and exhausted and you don't respond to your kids' crud the way you should.  So after being engulfed in Mommy Guilt for a day, I have come out on the other side, with a plan of what to do better next time and with renewed gratitude for forgiveness and grace.

2.  I'm done with the flu.  It feels good to feel good again!

3.  Yesterday, Chris gave me a much needed break and time out of the house (I've been stuck here with sick kids all week, did I mention that?).  I went to Panera Bread and discovered I had a free pastry waiting on my Panera Card so I enjoyed a free bagel and some iced tea.

4.  In all our sickness, Chris and I discovered two new tv shows we really like.  Crossing Lines is one of my new favorites and last night we watch the pilot of Graceland and we really liked it.  Have you checked out either of those yet?

5.  I'm getting a blog makeover!  I've wanted one for so long and I have no idea how to do any sort of html coding cutesy stuff, but Stephanie G Designs had a little sale for her birthday month and I had a little birthday money leftover so I treated myself (and all of you, I suppose!).  Look for a breath of fresh air coming soon to this blog.

Have a great weekend and for crying out loud, avoid the flu.

Also, I should mention that today is J-Man's Gotcha Day.  Two years ago, he was placed with us forever.  It's probably been the hardest two years of my life, but sometimes the best things in life are also the hardest!

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