Monday, July 22, 2013


E mentioned to his daddy the other day that he had noticed Mommy, Daddy, and J-Man are all the same color and he is not.  He said he wished he was the same color as us.

I know these are normal moments, at least in any transracial family.  I know it's okay.  But it still breaks my heart a little.  Chris was very quick on his feet and pointed to a mole on his arm, asking E what color it was.  E said it was brown.  Chris held it up to E's skin and showed him that he really has dots all over that are the same color as E. 

I think that day was what really got us thinking about superheroes.  The boys are really into them right now, and we realized our entire collection of action figures were white. 

So Chris set out on a quest to find black superhero action figures.  He found Green Lantern at the store, but he was white.  In one of our books, Green Lantern is black.  Confusing.  Chris searched the world wide internet and found many people asking, "Is Green Lantern black or white?"  Turns out, different people are Green Lantern at different times.  Sometimes he's black and sometimes he's not.  Bummer.

My husband spent hours scouring the internet before he finally found a good collection of black superhero toys.  We were shocked at how hard it was to find them.  So when he found them, he ordered several on the spot.


I think it's the simple things like that that are so important in raising kids in a family that looks different from them.  Are they reflected in the shows, books, toys that fill our home? 

I also hope that one day, E will have a brother or sister who is more chocolate like him.  But that's another topic, isn't it?

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