Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Weekend Away

Last weekend, we took a trip to visit Chris's sister and her family.  We had a wonderful time, getting away, eating delicious meals, and playing.  My sister-in-law spoiled us with faboosh cooking!  We enjoyed relaxing, girl time shopping, and the boys had such fun with their cousins...and toys!

The "crab pool" (affectionately named after its shape) was a hit!

Especially when Uncle Andy added a hose and dish soap.

We also enjoyed a family walk to a neat park by their house.  J-Man climbed this rock and pronounced himself "King."

And of course we enjoyed our little nephew, in between telling the boys, "Stop touching his head!"

The kids went exploring...

Once E found that little trick, everyone had to give it a try!  Though I don't think everyone else took it quite as far as he did!
We also did our first visit with J-Man's biological brother, since we brought him home 2 years ago.  It went way better than we ever could've hoped.  The kids played and there were no problems.  We were really worried J-Man might act out for a while after the visit, as it brought up memories and fears, but we have not noticed a change in him since then, praise God!
Overall, it was a great trip!

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