Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gluten Free

As of today, we are going gluten free.  We thought up the idea and committed to it yesterday.  Today, Chris made our first gluten-free grocery shopping trip.  There are a few reasons we are giving this a try.  Let me explain.

I'm trying it in hopes it will get rid of my acne.  I am 27-years-old and I have constant acne.  I am so tired of it, people.  Honestly, I haven't really felt pretty in months.  The "acne's got me down" thing sort of comes on me in spurts.  It doesn't really bother me for a while, then it really bothers me for a while. 

Chris has a client, who told him someone close to her had acne into her 30's, went gluten-free, and bye-bye acne.  I did some research and it appears some people have a sensitivity to gluten, and this can indeed worsen acne.  Please, God, may it work for me!

So that is why I am trying gluten-free.  Chris has been wanting to try it as a weight loss/weight management system.  He's read a lot of trainers and people in the fitness industry who cite gluten as a reason for weight gain.  He's testing it out before he recommends it to his clients.

Then there's the boys.  I was reading One Thankful Mom's blog the other day...she is an adoptive mom...and she asked the blog community for techniques we had all found successful in helping our children.  There are so many types of therapy, diets, techniques out there for us to try, and she wanted to compile a sort of collection of what has actually worked for people.  People cited different kinds of therapy, etc., but it struck me that several parents cited gluten-free as helping a lot with their child's behavioral issues.  We are having a hard time with J-Man, as you know, and I thought, if gluten-free would help him even more, I will take it!

So it just sort of made sense for all of us to give gluten the boot for a month or so to see if it has any effect on us.  It was extremely daunting to me, but I found some good resources including this post and today was our first day.  It's not actually that hard.  I'll keep you updated on our gluten-free journey.  Here's hoping it helps us all!

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