Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In the wilderness

We've been wandering around in the desert for a year and a half now.  We've been unsure what we're here for.  We've been confused.  The desert has been hard, but God has been good to us in it.

We've learned.  We've healed.  We've grown.

We feel God telling us it's almost time.  He whispers that we're heading to the Promised Land soon.  We feel relief and excitement, but with that comes a discontent with the fact that we're still in the desert.  We want to leave NOW.  We want to find that place, figuratively and literally, where we will bear the most fruit.

Beth Moore says the Lord always brings us out to bring us in.  He didn't just bring the Israelites out of slavery so that they were out of slavery.  He brought them out to bring them in to the Promised Land, where they would be fruitful and where they would live their best lives, so to speak.  God brought us out of situations and stages of life and I believe it was to bring us in to something better.  But like the Israelites, we've first had to wander around in the desert for a time.  Thank God it's not 40 years! 

We've waited for a year and a half to hear that it's time to come out of the dry and weary land, and we feel it's coming, but still we wait and still we're "in between." 

So we continue to wait on the Lord.  We continue to pray for wisdom.  And we try to learn everything we can before standing on the other side.  We keep trying to trust and to be patient.  We know better days are coming.  We know the Lord has plans for us, hallelujah! 

Have you been in that desert time of life?  Where something has ended and you know something better is coming, but you have to wait and learn some lessons and do some growing or healing or breaking first?  It's a hard place, but God is faithful in it.  We will be brought in, friends!

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