Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not Alone

As we walked out of therapy today, J-Man turned back toward our therapist, waved, and said sweetly, "Thank you, Gilbert.  Thank you for the snack."

I walked out feeling proud of my little guy.  He has come so far. 

As we drive away, I reflected on how grateful I am once again, that we got the help we got when we got it.  The EMDR did wonders for J-Man and the Parent Child Interactive Therapy we are currently doing has made better our relationship and helped J-Man become more compliant and eager to please. 

Parents, we have got to ask for help when we need it.  We have got to ask for help for our kids when they need it.  I know there are stigmas attached to therapy and mental health issues in general.  I also know we think we have to be superhuman perfect parents who can overcome and help our children overcome anything...all on our own. 

But we are not superhuman.  And the beauty of it is that we are not all on our own, either.  There is help out there.  But you have to ask for it. 

So whatever you need help with right now...maybe it's just a night off and you need to ask someone to exchange babysitting services with you, or maybe it's just calling your sister-in-law to vent because you have to share what you're feeling with someone, or maybe it is therapy for your child or parenting classes for yourself...it's ok.  It's ok to not be ok!  It's ok, heck, it's good to ask for help.

Thank God we don't have to do this alone!

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