Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Years Cancer Free

This Halloween, my husband celebrated 10 years cancer-free!!!  While 5 years is the cure rate for his particular type of cancer, 10 years seemed significant.  10 years is the point when no one can deny you insurance for pre-existing conditions.  Of course, they can still charge you up the wazoo for said pre-existing conditions but that is another story in itself!  10 years is the point when some countries will once again allow you to adopt.  So while we did a big extended family beach trip at 5 years to celebrate what was Chris's cure date, we wanted to do something extra special for 10 years as well.

My husband loves being in nature so we headed up to Sequoia National Park (a day trip from where we live) and spent the day marveling at God's beauty and strength, being grateful for the chance to be alive. 

We were blessed to be greeted by a patchy blanket of snow surrounding us.  The kids were ecstatic to get to play in snow.  We hiked around the big trees, built a tiny snowman, and explored pinecones and rocks. 

We make sure to take time every year to remember.  To remember what God has done and what He has brought us through.  I was reminded by a friend recently how the Israelites, as they were being led out of slavery, would stop every so often and set up a little memorial of rocks to remember and acknowledge what God had done for them.  Each Halloween, we revisit our little rock memorial, so to speak, because it is important to remember, lest we forget.

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