Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ah, it's Sunday!

Ah, it is so nice to have a Sabbath to rest today!  It has been a crazy month for us!  Yesterday we moved my husband's gym to a new location.  We had so many people show up to help us, which made it go really quickly!  Family, friends, and clients came out on a Saturday morning to lug extremely heavy stuff across town.  We were so blessed by their help!

Right now all my guys are watching The Princess & The Frog.  E rented it from the library this week and I think he has watched it for the past 4 days in a row.

We are settling into our new home.  This week we rearranged the living room and I like it a lot better now.  My in laws gave us their old couch, which provided a lot more seating!  E keeps asking almost every day, when are we going to hang stuff on our walls?  I've been telling him we wanted to get our furniture figured out before we did that, so now that the living room is settled, I need to start hanging pictures and artwork.  I think E will feel a lot more settled once stuff is on the walls.

My friend Erin told me her kids slept in every room of the house to help them feel comfortable, so last night we let the boys sleep in the living room.  E came into our room a couple of times to ask what the humming noise was (the fridge), and other similar things.  So overall I think it was helpful for him to get comfortable with the house.

I hope you have a restful Sunday.  Thanks for reading!

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