Monday, March 10, 2014

Busy Busy

There's a lot going on around here right now! 

Ya'll, we are moving this weekend!  We're staying in town, but leaving our apartment for a rental house with a backyard!!!  Our time downsizing to this apartment has been good for all of us, but also difficult.  We have been blessed with two incredibly loud and rambunctious boys and raising them in a small apartment with no backyard has been a challenge!  We are so grateful God has blessed us with this new rental home with a huge backyard and a little extra breathing room.

Downsizing has been good for us to realize how little we actually NEED.  We can so easily become convinced that what we want is what we need, right?  We have gotten rid of a lot of stuff living in this apartment and it felt really good to let go.  My prayer is that we will keep that mentality even as we move back into a house, that we will not fall back into old patterns of clinging to and accumulating more and more stuff, but that we will be able to hold on to some of our newfound minimalism!

So amidst all the packing, cleaning, filling in nail holes, we're also preparing to move my husband's gym in the near future.  It is time for a new space for his personal training business so we have an offer out there on a place and are waiting to hear! 

God has been blessing my husband's business, which is amazing, but it also adds stress right now as new clients are signing up regularly and everything else in life is already crazy!  (Not complaining, just being real!)

I'm also registering E for kindergarten this week.  What!?!  How did that happen?!

Pray for us during this busy, exciting time!

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