Friday, April 25, 2014

4 Ways I Saved Money This Week

How was your week?  This was the first week I felt comfortable and settled in our new home!  Today I thought I'd share 4 ways we are saving money this week!

1.  Netflix and Hulu Plus!  We've had Netflix for quite a while now and we love it, especially for our kids!  It's only $7.99 per month and it has a lot of great kids' shows and movies.  We just added Hulu Plus this week for $7.99 per month.  This is for my husband and I!  We watch all of our shows on Hulu so we can watch them when we want, but we can watch current seasons as opposed to Netflix.  We've been watching tv on our little computer screen in our room, but we don't really like getting in bed every evening to watch tv.  We decided we wanted to enjoy our living room more so we signed up for Hulu Plus, which we can get on our Roku.  Overall, that's about $16 per month for tv and movies, which by far beats out any cable deal I've ever seen!

2.  My husband has a business trip coming up, which will take him near the coast.  I realized this was the perfect opportunity for the kids and I to get a cheaper mini vacay!  He's already spending the money on the gas so we're going to ride along with him and while he's in training, we'll head over to the beach for a few hours.  I'm going to pack a picnic lunch for all of us so all we'll really spend is a little on dinner out.  A quick, cheap little getaway sounds pretty good about now!

3.  Chris made us a table this week!  I'm super grateful for a handy husband!  Our office is in our bedroom.  We bought a small desk on Craigslist about a year ago, and while I really like it, between our desktop computer and our printer, it was very crowded.  I talked about looking for a cheap table to put the printer on so I could have a little more desk space, and my husband said he had some extra scrap wood in the garage so he'd just go ahead and make a table.  I love it and I love having a little space on my desk!

4.  Best Buy has this program where they will take your used laptop and give you a Best Buy gift card worth a minimum of $20.  Did you know about this?!  We took our crummy little laptop there yesterday, which we bought for $300 a few years ago, and it got a lot of viruses...and they gave us a $70 store credit for it!  I was shocked!  We needed a new printer so we walked out spending only $40 on a nice new printer and having our old laptop disposed of safely. 

How about you?  Wanna share a cool way you saved money this week?  We'd love to hear it!


Teamfuest said...

Thanks for the Best Buy tip! We brought our old computer there today and got $60. So much better than having it sit and collect dust! Thank you! :)

Janice Nichols said...

So even though we haven't officially submitted that adoption application we've been on the look out for ways to transition our space for that third child. Last week after we cleaned and purged our garage I was looking on CL for garage shelving. I instead came across some hanging organizers for the closet. I scored 2 five bin organizers for $10 total. I then called on a kitchen table that I would only be able to afford if I sold mine. It ended up being too big for my space but the person selling it and I just randomly starting talking. She even said "I'm sorry I just started talking to you about unrelated stuff" she was selling twin beds and asked if I was interested in those and I told her no because we were looking for a bunk bed for our adoption. 5 minutes later my phone rang and it was that lady. She remembered that she had an Ikea bunk bed in the garage and I paid $60 for a like new $150 bed that wasn't even listed for sale! Yesterday we scored a larger heavy duty butcher block kitchen table for $30. It needs refinished but is solid and worth much more. Buying used definitely saved us money!

Laurel Feierbach said...

Kristen, I'm so glad you were able to take advantage of that!

Laurel Feierbach said...

Thanks for sharing! I also am a big fan of Craigslist! I always look there first before I buy anything for our home! We've been on the lookout for bunk beds too, but haven't found one yet. $60 is great!! Well done!

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