Friday, May 16, 2014

Some Randoms

I've got some random things on my mind today so bear with me!

I read this article this morning called Four Things To Do When Bringing Home A Child From Hard Places.  This part struck me:
"Just as you tell a new mom that eventually her baby will sleep through the night, or that your child will one day be out of diapers, it’s the same with your child from hard places. Eventually they will love you. Eventually they will trust you. Eventually they will look you in your eyes when you talk to them. Eventually, friends."

There was a season in our family when I really needed those words.  Probably daily.  Some days I still need them.  But overall, my love is now reciprocated.  Eventually, friends.

Yesterday we were driving in the car when E said, "What if I had a family where everyone had brown skin?"  I asked him to explain a little more.  He was wondering what that would be like.  I talked about how we basically all do have brown skin, just different shades of brown.  He said, "Yeah, but where everyone had brown skin like me."  I talked about how some families all have the same color skin and some families have different color skins.  The boys both nodded in agreement and we left it at that.

I've been asked to start regularly contributing to another blog (belonging to a friend and fellow foster mom) and I'm really excited about it!  I'll give you more details soon!
I leave you with this because it melts me: 

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