Thursday, May 22, 2014


We're still in the phase of life where summer doesn't mean much, you know?  My kids aren't in school yet, my husband owns his own business so he doesn't get any paid time off.  I feel the excitement for summer break brewing all around me with posts on how to keep the kids entertained during the summer and making the most of your kids' time at home.  For us, this is our every day.

However, I am reminding myself lately that this is it.  This is our last summer before E starts Kindergarten and so life is about to drastically change for us.  We will no longer be in the "everyone's at home" phase.  We'll have somewhere we have to be every morning.  There'll be school events.  Things will get more busy.

I am excited and nervous for this change.  Excited for change and for new.  Nervous for E.  Will he make friends?  Will he like it?  Will there be tears every night or will there be excitement?

So while summer doesn't really bring any change for us (except incredibly hot weather), it does signal the end of a certain phase of life for us this year.

I guess I need to enjoy the lazy mornings, appreciate the freedom of going/doing what we want each day, soak up having my E here with me all the time.  I'm sure I'll miss it a bit when it's gone. 

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