Saturday, May 17, 2014


Tomorrow we're having a little birthday party for E, who turned 5 last week!  This picture is from his birthday.  He wanted Oreos as his dessert so Chris and I painted some Ninja Turtle faces on a few.  We were pretty impressed with ourselves! 

We always keep the kids' birthday parties small, but we're doing it particularly simple this year because E's request was to go camping for his birthday.  We're planning a weekend at the mountains next month so we're trying to put a little extra money toward that instead of his party. 

Chris and E are buying a piñata right now.  That's been our tradition with our boys' birthday parties and they absolutely love it!  He requested ice cream cake this year, although I don't think he's ever had any.  He just likes the idea of cake and ice cream together in one thing!

Today we're getting ready for the party, cleaning house, buying the cake, and this evening I am doing a family photo shoot for some wonderful clients. 

Did I mention my son turned 5 this week!?  That sounds so big to me!  I'm so grateful I get to be that boy's mom!  He's funny, smart, and stinkin' adorable! 

Have a lovely weekend!

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