Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Good and The Terrible

Happy Saturday!  My husband has an unexpected day off today so we have enjoyed some donuts and lounging around.  I hope you had a good 4th of July.
Chris and E made some healthy homemade ice cream yesterday.  Here's the recipe cause it was a delicious healthy treat if you want to try it!  E was pretty into the whole thing.

I had an extremely difficult afternoon with J-Man.  I want to put that out there in the interest of being real.  Yesterday morning was nice, yesterday evening was nice.  But the middle part was absolutely terrible.  Chris and I decided we'll be calling on Monday to get us back into therapy.  Maybe we needed that episode to confirm in our minds that it's time to get back into a professional therapy situation.  (Sometimes I wonder if I'm sharing too much information on here regarding my kids, but I also want to show the reality of needing professional help.  Most adoptive families I know are receiving therapy services for their children.  There's no shame in that.  I've learned that if you need help, you have to get help.  There's just no point in trying to figure it out on your own.  It takes a village, right?  And sometimes that village looks different.  Sometimes it's family, friends, support groups, and therapy.  We all just have to find OUR village that works for OUR family.)

Back to the good part of the 4th...we headed over to my parents' house for swimming, BBQ, ice cream, and fireworks.  The boys were so anxious for fireworks that we headed out front around 7:30.  Poor Chris really wanted to have some fireworks left for when it got dark, but his boys aren't quite that patient.  To buy some time, they first made a plan...

Then E did what E is good at...organizing!

While J-Man did this...

The show was quite lovely.

And even better once it got a little dark.

I'm realizing more lately the importance of traditions and fun family experiences for all kids, but especially for kids who were adopted.  These are the things that cement that feeling of family and belonging.  When we do something as simple as making homemade ice cream year after year, our kids receive a feeling of FAMILY.  They feel connected and a part of something.  That is simply priceless.

To end the evening, we came home to find our dog Lloyd had gotten so scared of the fireworks that he had escaped.  Our boys were really sad and really worried.  Thank the Lord, we found him roaming the neighborhood this morning!

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